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Yoga Therapy for Kids & Teens 

Whether your child has ADHD, Autism, learning delays, diabetes, anxiety, depression, or concentration or mental health issues, equipping them with the tools to impact their lives have never been more important.

Yoga Therapy coaching sessions are tailored, based on the unique needs of the child to understand their physical, social, emotional and developmental needs.  

Just like in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), we target specific meridian energy lines to bring the body into balance through the combination of targeted asana - movement and pranayama - breath. 

Yoga Therapy sessions are built on the needs of the child or teen using corrective exercises and specific breathing exercises to support children with special needs, complex behaviours and those affected by trauma.

The goal of each and every coaching session is to:

  • Provide the tools to deal with emotional upsets and self-regulate
  • Manage symptoms that cause suffering
  • Access calm and stillness within
  • Increase levels of focus and concentration
  • Develop a stronger sense of self and self awareness
  • To empower children with self belief, self confidence and self love
  • Cope with social situations and improve their ability to connect with others
  • Support parents/carers with a tool kit to access and utilise daily

Throughout each 60min Yoga Therapy Coaching session:

  •  I will work one-on-one, using yoga, mindfulness and relaxation techniques, based on the goals formulated for your tailored program.
  • Develop an integrative health and nutrition plan including tailored recipes to specific to your child, that can be enjoyed by the whole family.
  • Support you and your child with practical tips and techniques to support sustainable health and wellbeing. 
  • At the end of each session, I will provide you with 3 Yoga Therapy exercises + a mindfulness practice, to begin integrating the strategies into your daily routine to maximise the effectiveness of the program for the long-term.

90 min sessions are also available and include the addition of a Reiki + Crystal Healing consult. 

Private sessions may take place online via Zoom, in the comfort of your home or in person in the Eastern Suburbs in Sydney.

8 Week Program for Term 1 2021 sessions are now availableHead over to the contact page for a no obligation chat to discuss your needs further & to take advantage of a Special Early Bird Package. Payment plans are also available.