Crystal Cleansing Ritual Kit
Crystal Cleansing Ritual Kit
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Crystal Cleansing Ritual Kit

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New to cleansing or already a savvy smudger? This Crystal Cleansing Ritual Kit has all your essentials to supercharge your cleansing ritual.

Each kit contains:

  • Two Palo Santo “Holy Wood” Sticks: Sacred incense sourced from Peru for purifying and clearing energy in your space and self. 
  • Selenite Wand: Powerful for healing, clarity, energy protection. Think of selenite as your own magic wand used around your aura to cleanse your energy. Selenite makes for the perfect meditation companion to connect with positive energy. This beauty can also magnify the energy of anything placed on top of it - the perfect energy amplifier for your crystals!
  • Olive Leaves: A european tradition to energy cleansing. The olive leaves may be used in the same way as sage, to clear negative energy from the self, space and home.
  • Your choice of Crystal Energy:
    • Amethyst to detoxify, de-stress & develop intuition.
    • Citrine to invite abundance, wealth, good luck and positivity.
    • Clear Quartz for health, healing and positively good vibes!
    • Rose Quartz the crystal of love ... A great choice for children & teens to connect in with their own inner being. 
  • Blessings Card: Details all the precious items in the ritual kit and how to use each piece AND a “how-to” ritual for cleansing, along with a mantra to repeat when cleansing the energy around you and in your sacred space. 
  • 100% cotton Muslin drawstring bag to protect your little treasures!

Each unique kit is infused with Reiki energy, cleansed and charged under the light of the full moon AND handmade with a generous intention of love, healing and abundance...

Crystal Cleansing Ritual Kits are the perfect gift of gratitude to yourself, for a friend or loved one. The kits are the perfect Holiday gift, to invite in an abundance of luck & good vibes to start the new year, to help eliminate self-doubt, connect with intuition or just to bring a smile to a special someone! 

As a little gift of gratitude, each Kit comes gift wrapped and enjoy FREE Shipping in Australia. 

*Order before Dec 14, 2020 to receive your order before Dec 25.