Sahha Wellness Cooking Lessons and Workshops

I live a busy life and my time in the kitchen is my creative outlet – it’s the place I retreat to and in a way, it’s my own form of meditation.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than sharing a wholesome meal filled with goodness with my family and beautiful friends. The people I love have inspired me to share their favourite recipes with you, so that you too can benefit from healing goodness that’s easy to prepare and tastes delicious!

I know that not everyone shares my passion for cooking and in fact, once you’ve attended one of my cooking workshops, you won’t believe how excited you will feel about cooking delicious nutritious food in a cost effective and simple way. It’s easier that you think and I want to give you all my special secrets!

Come join me for a hands-on cooking demo where you will learn tips and techniques to make good eating lots of fun! The recipes I share with you will provide you with nourishment, healing goodness and I hope to inspire your creativity too!

You will learn how to create simple, nutritious and healthy meals that are quick to prepare, fuss-free and taste delicious. Workshops are centred around healing, nourishing and re-charging your body for optimum health and wellness. My mouth-watering topics include:

  • Eat your way to weight-loss
  • Heal thy gut        
  • Healthy hormones
  • Skin GLOW
  • Mediterranean delights
  • ‘Free from’ can be FUN: gluten free, sugar free, dairy free
  • Celiac with ease!

Let’s face it we are all time poor and a little preparation before the week starts can save you loads of time after a busy day. I’ll show you how you can make healthy choices every day without succumbing to easy options (which may not be the best for your body or your health), and the good news is that healthy eating can also save you loads of money from eating out! 

Sahha Wellness workshops will equip you with a love for home cooking and include:

  • Meal preparation – master weekly food prep like a pro
  • Learn how to save time in the kitchen with a “Cook once, eat twice” approach
  • Experience creating nutritious, fresh and simple recipes
  • Fun, hands on and delicious taste testing
  • Recipe handbooks focused on self-healing
  • An infusion of healing energy & a dose of Vitamin L … Love! 

Cooking Lessons can be catered to:

  • 1:1 private cooking lessons
  • Group hands on cooking workshops
  • Corporate team building cooking classes tailored to your team’s needs

Upcoming Workshops:

Contact Sahha Wellness to find out more about upcoming workshops. 

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” Julia Childs