So, what does Sahha mean ?

So, what does Sahha mean ?

This would have to be the number one question I am asked when I talk about Sahha Wellness!

When envisioning all the things I value and how I wanted to put that out there in the universe, I spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted YOU to feel when collaborating with me ...

My family hail from the most beautiful mediterranean island, Malta neigbouring Italy. The island life culture feels like you just hit pause on the chaotic lives we are accustomed to, in Malta spending time with people just chatting is part of the daily ritual - no one is in a hurry and friends take the time to be present with one another & really encompass what living in the moment is all about. They eat a healthy mediterranean diet, spend time taking siesta's & are surrounded by the most beautiful crystal clear blue ocean.

After long morning and afternoon chats, nothing beats hearing the locals bestowing "Sahha" to one another as they depart from the Piazza (a local hangout) shortly to return. It's often utilised as a salutation - instead of saying ciao or bye, we offer each other "Sahha" meaning till we meet again, be in good health and  strength.

I like to think of it as a little blessing we offer one another … and Sahha felt right to incorporate into my work as my wish for you – a lifetime of good health and happiness, in wellness and love.

Until we meet in person...Sahha! Vanessa x

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